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Diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2005, Dad bravely battled this punishing disease for eight long and difficult years. As Dad's lung function diminished, his breathing progressively became more labored, and his overall condition worsened. His doctors were amazed at how many more years he lived beyond their expectations, and we treasured every moment possible. 


Dad was a poker player. He loved the competition and he loved to bring our family together for a "friendly" game of Texas Hold' Em poker. We played for hours at a time, meeting his fierce competitive nature the best we could. 


Throughout Dad's last years and months, and right up to his last few weeks of life, we played poker with him whenever he was physically able. We played at his kitchen table when he couldn't leave the house, and we even brought cards and chips to his hospital and rehab rooms! During these few hours of poker play, Dad curiously and miraculously forgot about his illness and showed virtually no symptoms of the disease. He perked up and literally came alive while he check raised, bluffed, and masterfully picked his "all-ins" and collected our chips. Dad fiercely competed playing poker as he fiercely competed for life.  


Texas Hold' Em poker was a hugely effective way for Dad to fight this deadly disease of pulmonary fibrosis, and we truly believe this helped Dad beat the odds and live longer- to be with our family. 


Playing poker was a way for our family to come together and help Dad get through the toughest of times. We are forever grateful for every moment of time we had with him, and in honor and in memory of our Dad, it is with great respect and love that our family has established the "Annual Irv Feldman Texas Hold' Em Tournament" benefiting the CHEST Foundation. 


We invite you to come together with us annually to play some poker, have some fun, and honor our Dad - while we raise charitable funds and awareness for a worthy cause. Let's make a difference and help those who are fighting this horrible deadly disease of pulmonary fibrosis.



Thank you for your love and support,

The Feldman Family 

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The Feldman Family Foundation is committed to raising awareness, improving    quality of life, and providing family outreach for those afflicted or impacted by Pulmonary Fibrosis in their community.


Learn more about the Feldman Family Foundation

The mission of the CHEST Foundation is to champion lung health by developing and supporting clinical research, community service, and patient education.

The foundation supports research projects that lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of chest diseases and patient care. The foundation has provided almost $8 million worldwide to recognize outstanding clinical projects in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. They are an important go-to resource for young investigators seeking research funding, and the projects they support lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of chest diseases and patient care. 

The foundation provides support to nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations throughout the world where CHEST members volunteer their time and medical expertise to help those in need. Since 1998, the foundation has conferred over 200 awards totaling more than $2 million, divided between domestic and international programs. The foundation also engages CHEST members and local communities in a variety of lung health community outreach efforts. From providing screenings at foundation Lung Health Day events, to participating in local grassroot efforts like runs, walks, and tobacco cessation programs. This offer chest medicine professionals a way to give back and to contribute as champions for lung health.


Learn more about the CHEST Foundation on their website.